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Crime Prevention & Loss Prevention Council ASIS International

ASIS International Crime Prevention & Loss Prevention Council Message

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The current situation in the world is extremely frenetic and is one where numerous changes and innovation are a constant. There is, therefore, a feeling of uncertainty for our future generations. There is, however, a future that will incorporate opportunities that can and must improve human life.

Deyanira J. Murga The truth is that we are experiencing difficult challenges, not only in socioeconomic arenas, but also individually. People come from different generations; either industrialized or globalized, as well the newest age, that of the digital era. An era that progresses quickly, so that the challenge becomes one where it is important to integrate the various generations without losing the experience that each group can bring to the table.

Technology provides us with many benefits, permitting individuals to do more with less manual effort, and allowing us to enjoy our lives in ways we did not envisage only a few years ago. It is understood that new generations will have similar lives and problems no matter what part of the world they may live in. They will also be in a position to share their experiences and common knowledge with one another almost simultaneously utilizing this new digital era.

We also see how cultural differences will become less important because of the new digital world we now live in and this will reduce intolerance and distrust. This is essential if mankind is to live in a civilized society. Regardless of the aforementioned innovative technology, we should not forget that this is only a product of human evolution.

We are not only seeking new technologies that help us to make life easier, we are also looking for opportunities to build a new human society. It is important, however, to remember that technology is a means and not an end and we must reflect on how to use technology intelligently, in order to improve our environment and live in a more secure and peaceful world.

Within this transformation of the new digital environment, there are issues that we need answers to: How do we understand this new world? How do we conceptualize our reality? How do we conceptualize ourselves? And finally how do we interact with one another on a global basis? These are questions that we must think about, understand and provide answers to so that all generations are included in this new culture.

Unfortunately, the globalization and the digital world also brings opportunities for the criminal world. Analysis of crime and violence shows an increase in serious crime throughout the world, irrespective of the country, state or city. Today the phenomenon of crime and violence, which has become more sophisticated, is a constant that diversifies and expands rapidly to any society.

This not just a problem of insecurity, but also a problem of culture. Crimes have a more violent impact, and those involved are becoming younger. Which brings us to see violence as a defense and reactive mechanism to resolve conflicts, rather than considering other possible solutions.

ASIS International is a global partnership whose mission is to promote the academic training and professionalization in the areas of security. Through their Chapters, Councils and regions around the world, we promote best industry practices and develop methodologies and strategies so that our associates are armed with the tools necessary to apply them in environments where they develop as professionals to improve the safety of these societies.

ASIS International has more than 30 Councils, specializing in different industries and specific topics of security. They contain members who are S.M.E's who work together in researching and developing new processes, procedures, standards and relevant information to support security departments and organizations in order to build new intelligence strategies to combat crime and violence.

As Chair of the Crime Prevention Council of ASIS International, I'm aware that traditional prevention systems are not sufficient in order to solve the problem of insecurity and improve the culture of prevention. In this Council, we realize that public institutions that protect the ordinary citizen cannot possibly deal appropriately with all potential risks. Of course the police should be strengthened, as well as the judicial system that needs to keep pace with the new and evolving digital criminal era.

In this way the Council seeks prevention strategies that are innovative and offer the possibility to resolve problems in the short term and also for the future by applying predictive analytics that can inculcate a proactive and preventative society, which will have an impact on criminal acts of every government and society.

This is the first step in better understanding the expectations of the many varied ethnicities and cultures so that we will be able to build a real human rights-based culture.

>> Read the Spanish version

Deyanira J. Murga
Chair of ASIS International, Crime Prevention & Loss Prevention Council

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